Sunday, September 20, 2009

Learning Eagle

Well, I have done many projects in the past. You may remember me for a series of DIY articles in Recording, EQ, Electronic Musician and others. I am coming into the 21st century and finally learning to layout boards using Eagle Schematic Capture and Board Layout. You can get a copy from here Eagle So far I have gone through a morning's worth of tutorials and I think I am starting to get it. Back in the Old Days I would use a Radio Shack Perf Board, part number: 276-168, which is still made. But, once I have it layed out in Eagle, it is easy to get multiple boards made and share the design. So, time to get hot for me! Here is a list of things I am working on:

  • LED Light Ring for Macro shots on a camera. It will use about 12-20 white LED's and have a switching power supply so it can run on a couple AA's
  • Mic Preamps... Couple of them. Time to finish several designs that I started a while back. 
  • Mic Preamp specifically for use with a Video Camera. So you can plug two XLR connectors into it and then plug it into the camcorder by a stereo 1/8" jack. They make these but they cost way to much for what you get.
  • 900 Lumen Single LED Bike Light. Got the LED already. I have a P-7 and a CREE one too. The P7 has four dies in parallel on the module and runs at 2.8 amps at about 3.7VDC. The CREE try's it the other way, four in series so you get  700ma of current but you got to drive it around 14-15 VDC. I think I know which one makes  more sense.
  • Oh yea, multiple RGB LED projects including a 8X8X8 cube. Like this one:

    So, this is my blog and I'm getting started! Woo Hoo!

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