Monday, September 21, 2009

Eagle Update

Well, I am still learning. I am laying out my first Mic Preamp based on the Bur Brown INA103. It can run on 24 volt rails so I am going to do that. It should be a simple project to layout too... You may have noticed that TI bought Burr Brown several years back. They still make the chip and digikey carries it. If you want to learn Eagle there are some great tutorials on Sparkfun's site here. The nice thing is the circuit is simple enough I should be able to see if I have any gross errors before I get a board made. I spent most of tonight figuring out exactly what a  Capacitor is in Eagle. As in: What size do you want the holes in the PC board to be? And, how far apart should they be from eachother? Coolness! A day learning something however small is a good one!


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