Sunday, January 10, 2010

Guitar Amplifier Update #2

Well, I am getting more accomplished. Specifically:

  • Cut wood for case and started to assemble
  • Started circuit board to control and jack wiring
  • Designed front panel for all of it, I am not using standard scaling on the Volume control... After all, a volume control that does not go to Eleven just isn't a volume control! (Why use standard increments either?)
Here are the latest pictures:

Note the angle clamp and T-Square. I learned this trick a long time ago: When clamping, to get a true square edge, use a clamp on the angle to squeeze the box so that it is exactly square Before the glue dries!

Ipod jack connection (Black and Red wires) on left and the High Z input on right (Yellow shielded wire).
The 1/4" jack for the High Z input.

My thoughts on front panel below

Well, it is time to put the soldering iron up for today. More to follow on the project!

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