Sunday, January 3, 2010

Guitar Amplifier Update #1

Well, I have both boards for the pre-amp put together. I am building two of these. So far so good. I also had almost all the parts I need already in the garage. One trip to Tanner Electronics in Dallas completed the list of items. Here are a couple pictures of the PC boards. The old standby, Radio Shack solder in perf boards!

Top of the Board with close up on one of the the Op Amps, a Burr Brown OPA-2134 I bought 100 of these before Texas Instruments bought Burr Brown.

Top of the board again showing the other two dual Op-Amps and the CMOS4049 chip I am forcing from digital into the Analog realm. Below is the bottom of the board.

I also got the wood cut for the case. It will be 18 inches tall, 13 and a half inches wide and 8 inched deep.

More to follow,


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